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Pursepose of Foundation
Founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization, KOMDI has established itself as the only accredited government sponsored organization for inspecting dangerous goods for maritime trade. Our primary mission is to ensure disastrous-free accidents associated in the carriage and stowage of dangerous goods. In addition, our research and development programs provide in-depth studies on international rules and regulations governing the global practice and usage of dangerous goods. Educational courses and on-site training for handling dangerous goods are also offered periodically to those industry personnels handling dangerous goods. Through active participation at international meetings, KOMDI continues and remains as an industry leader in the field of inspection of dangerous goods.
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KOMDI Building View
1989 year 12. 15   Establishment of Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods            Inspection Center
1990year 02. 16   Authorized agent on behalf of the Korean government            for the inspection of dangerous goods
2005year 09. 22   Changed its name to Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods            Inspection & Research Institute
2010year 11. 12   Began inspection for packaging containing dangerous            goods as authorized by the Korean government
12. 09   Government designated technical training and            accreditation center on safe transportation of            dangerous goods
- Inspection for loading & stowage of dangerous goods
- Packaging inspection of dangerous goods
- Training courses and seminars
- Research on regulations & standards of dangerous goods
- Customer support & call center
KOMDI Logo 6F, KOMDI Building, 20, Dongpyeon-ro 20beon-gil, Dongan-ku, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (431-060) TEL 82-31-389-2102 |  FAX 82-31-389-2181 Maritime Transport Dangerous Goods Call Center TEL 1577-8863