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Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods Inspection
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Approval of Packaging for Dangerous Goods

Under the IMDG Code, packaging shall meet or exceed minimum standards of performance before it can be authorized to use for the transport of dangerous goods. KOMDI operates the UN package certification scheme in accordance with construction and testing of packaging procedures under IMDG Code. KOMDI manages and maintains testing laboratory and procedures under accredited quality system (certified ISO9001)

Approval of Packaging for Dangerous Goods

  • Test depending on the kind of packaging, the material used for construction
  • Issue certificate for UN approved packaging
  • Operate test facilities and equipments
  • Provide technical advices for packaging manufacturers

Type of Packaging

  • PackagingPackaging
  • Intermediate Bulk Container(IBCs)Intermediate Bulk Container(IBCs)
  • Large packagingLarge packaging