Our Work

Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods Inspection
& Research Institute

Research & Development

Requirements to ensure the safety of people, property and the protection of marine environment are increasing in the light of technical progress and the advent of new substances and materials. KOMDI R&D cultivates the improvement of safety for transport of dangerous goods in response to developments in technology and changing needs of users. KOMDI has affected the transmission of techniques and updated regulatory information to industries as well as the way in which government regulates the maritime transport.

R & D

  • Close support for maritime industries to make strategies in the handling of dangerous goods.
  • Support competent authority to regulate safe operations in transporting dangerous goods by sea.

Book Publication

  • Deliver the safety information on timely issues, emerging trends, the latest research and industry best practices.

Call Center

  • Operate a call center for technical advisory assistance in transport of dangerous goods by sea