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Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods Inspection
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All shore-side personnel involved in the handling of dangerous goods transport by sea shall be provided with an appropriate formal training program under the national or international regulations. KOMDI organizes and manages training programs for each person to achieve the requisite knowledge and competencies required to undertake the handling safely. KOMDI provides quality programs with industry practitioners into its teaching faculty and well-equipped training facilities.

Training of IMDG Code

  • Training for shore-side personnel involved in the handling or documentation of dangerous goods is mandatory from January 1, 2010.
  • The course aims to provide knowledge and applications skills in the IMDG Code for personnel from shipping, freight forwarding, warehousing, vehicle drivers who deal with transport of dangerous goods by sea.

Training of Bulk Liquid Dangerous Cargo Safety Management

  • Training for supervisor(called “safety manager” in Korean) in charge of the safe handling of liquid dangerous cargoes in bulk during (un)loading in port area.
  • The course aims to impart requisite knowledge and adequate supervision which are competent in handling the operation of bulk liquid dangerous cargoes in a safe manner.

Activities for Contribution of Knowledge

  • Programs designed for teenagers containing introduction of maritime industry and promoting safety awareness.
  • Programs for deck and engineer officers to be familiar with the safety precautions in handling dangerous goods in vessel.